Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Malabar Bus Timetable

Bus timetable information is available from the following sources.

The timetable can be downloaded here for the 47 BUS

Information is available at
the First Kernow website at http://www.firstkernow.co.uk or telephone 01872 305950

at the Traveline website of http://www.travelinesw.com or telephone 0871 200 22 33

or the Cornwall Council webpage of www.cornwallpublictransport.info or telephone the Passenger Transport Unit on 0300 1234 222.

Plus of course, the timetables have been attached to local bus stops. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Cornwall Parking Problems

Cornwall Council are now formally consulting on parking problems.  This survey has now started and I understand local residents will all get a letter explaining how to respond to the survey.  This is what the council say.

"This questionnaire focuses on parking in a number of locations across Cornwall. You should only complete it if you ever park in at least one of the following town/city centres:

• Bude • Falmouth and Penryn  • Newquay • Penzance/Newlyn  • St Ives • Truro
• Wadebridge

We would like to understand the views about on-street parking and parking conditions of people who do not live in these towns but visit them (either for leisure or work). Please read each question carefully and select the relevant box or write your answer in the space provided.
WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff will be collating and analysing the survey responses on behalf of Cornwall Council. Your responses will remain confidential - please see the Fair Processing Notice, about how the information we collect will be used, at the end of the survey.
Please complete one questionnaire per household, by midnight 28 February 2016."

However, if residents would like to complete the survey online it can be completed from here:

RESIDENTS                             BUSINESS                               NON-RESIDENTS

Monday, 21 December 2015

The end of BT Cornwall

BT Cornwall have lost the court case to retain their contract with Cornwall Council and the parting of the ways will now commence.

It is disappointing that Cornwall Council and BT have failed to make the BT Cornwall partnership work.

The main reasons for creating the partnership were to facilitate the integration of IT departments with the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT Treliske) and to provide the capacity  to handle a number of large IT projects (such as the conversion to Windows 7).    The provision of Telehealth and Telecare services in Cornwall were also a big part of the deal as was the expectant creation of significant numbers of jobs.

The alternative considered (and rejected) was to bring in external consultants at a multi million pound cost to assist the Council with these projects.

RCHT pulled out of the BT deal at the last minute and this decision now gives the Council and RCHT the opportunity to consider their options afresh.    It will be an essential component of the business case currently being written to integrate health and adult social care.

We have been urging the Council to prepare a Plan B for life after BT but we have seen no evidence of this so far.

The resultant return of staff to Cornwall Council and the unravelling of the partnership will result in significant cost which are unlikely to be fully recovered from BT Cornwall.   That burden will again fall on the Cornish taxpayer.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Another bus lane fiasco in Truro?

As a councillor who expressed concern years ago about the (then proposed) Tregolls bus lane, I would like to flag another part of the so called Truro Sustainable Transport Strategy that is causing me concern.

As recently as 2008 the junction with Newbridge Lane on the A390 into Truro was made into a 'semi roundabout' in a deliberate attempt to deprioritise traffic exiting from Newbridge Lane - and so keep the traffic on A390 running.  A bus lane was also created through this junction.

After many draft plans it is now proposed to scrap the scheme, which cost several hundred thousands pounds.   Instead the junction will have traffic lights and the end of Penwerris Road, which was closed off, will be reopened for traffic exiting Malabar.    This is to reprioritise Newbridge Lane and allow it to cope with additional development on the Dudman Estate (which goes to Strategic Planning Committee on 17th December).    This will cost more than £1 million.

Under the Labour Government's Regional Spatial Strategy in 2008 even more development was proposed for Truro than the current plan.

It is nonsense to tell us that we are not to worry as this will all be paid for by the Government and developers.   If we ask for money for this , it undoubtedly reduces what we can get for other things.

That bus lane is now considered unnecessary.   If small sections of bus lane are not necessary why was the small section on Tregolls Road (in and out of town) ever installed in the first place?

Please look out for the Council's consultation in January and make your views known.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Truro Sustainable Transport Strategy: Bus lane fiasco

Many of us have been extremely dubious about the Truro Sustainable Transport Strategy for some time. 
The bus lane fiasco in Tregolls Road shows that we were absolutely right to be concerned. 
The Council has described the introduction, followed by the immediate abolition of the bus lane, as a 'tweak' to their Strategy.  This is not so.  It was fundamental to their thinking that people would be encouraged to get on the buses because they would be moving faster than cars.  This does not work without bus lanes. 
Another bus lane on the western side of Truro has also recently been dropped, although it too was originally considered essential.
The fact is that Truro does not have the road space for bus lanes.
The Council was convinced that the people who come from East Cornwall and use the Western Park and Ride would swap to the Eastern Park and Ride but apparently they have not: they would rather have the convenience of their own car.
If we are to avoid total gridlock the Council needs a root and branch review of their Transport Strategy for Truro.   In the meantime they should stop approving developments based on computer modelling which clearly does not work.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Cornwall Council as King Canute: more on the surf tax

Monday, 3 August 2015

Another meeting on the surf tax

After concerns expressed by a significant number of members, the Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee looked again at the Cabinet's proposal to introduce a surf tax.

Despite us rehearsing all the reasons why this is not a good idea (see previous blog dated 20 May) the Committee still decided to recommend that the Cabinet proceed with their plan.

If the Council introduces a tax on surf schools operating on 'Council beaches', I would expect at least some surf schools affected to challenge the tax. The Council said it was not aware of any legal challenge.  If you know differently or you may challenge the tax once it is introduced or you have any other comments, please get in touch.

These are the beaches that are proposed to be taxed.